It began on the week before Good Friday. I was scheduled to do a half day on a film presentation for a friend and director. It was originally set for Saturday, April 16. Somehow, it got moved with my agent to Sunday. Easter Sunday. And I didn’t know until Friday night late! We came up with a compromise: He would have me out by two o’clock if I could come in early, so I could get home for Easter dinner. Which was why I wasn’t live on Easter Sunday. I missed you all.


On Monday, I flew to New York to shoot The Drew Barrymore Show. I got in late, woke up early and was there to shoot by 10:30 AM. I was contractually not allowed to announce it before it aired on the East Coast, so I am hoping most of you got my email in time to see it. If not, you can find it here.



I arrived back home late Wednesday, and flew to Texas the following week to do a great, fun part in a film, returning on Wednesday night, just in time to do the big TCM opening and red carpet for the 40th anniversary of E.T. And that brings us up to this moment where I am doing my best to be grounded and energetic! If anyone wants proof of the power of the work we do in the creation process, have them read this email!


And the best part? I was respected, honored, and had fun in all these endeavors: three directions I claim daily.


So get busy creating what you want. It all begins within you! And love yourself for all your great creations. Let’s have some fun!