When I was pondering what to write about for today’s Eblast, the channel took me to the play/movie “Funny Girl.” And the first word I heard was naivete.


I am a big believer in naivete. When you are naive, you simply believe. You believe in the best. You believe in your worth. You don’t engage thoughts of fear. That’s one reason children are so powerful…they are naive to the “shoulds” and the “watch outs ” and the “I might not be successfuls” They don’t have time to embrace the fear and worry because they just want to go DO. And so they just go.


I was a naive 27-year-old who tripped lightly off to New York to become an actress. I was a naive thirty something when I said “yes” to being a healer and channel. I am a naive seventy something who is beginning her next book. I choose to stay naive and be in the ease of my Knowing because that is the easiest way to DO, and I love to DO.


Ask yourself to connect to that young, naive You that knew everything was possible. You remember. You could be a princess or a king or an alligator or a race horse. There were no boundaries for you. It was all possible and it was all play. Find your naivete again. Dive in. Go play in your creation! There is a whole wonderful world of playful possibilities waiting for you to create