New Beginnings.  

That’s what the New Year represents. But with new beginnings comes letting go.  

As Einstein said: We can’t create something new from the same mind we created the old. We must CHOOSE new thoughts, beliefs, perspectives and feelings which will literally attract the new beginnings into our experience. After all, that’s what we want: the experience of change and expansion and receiving our desires. 

Here are the perspectives that will help you shift those old limitations into choices that will be in alignment with what you want: 

1) I know I am the creator of me
2) I see myself as knowing, clear, worthy and deserving of receiving all my desires
3) I see a world where creating and receiving my desires is possible
4) I see the world looking at me and seeing someone who is knowing, clear, worthy and deserving that it wants to give to and play with
5) I forgive everyone so my energy is free to focus on my new thoughts
6) I forgive myself for having held on to all perspectives that have created judgement and unforgiveness.
7) I choose to love myself unconditionally, nurture myself, and give to myself all my desires. 

When we have these frequencies in harmony and alignment, what we desire can actually be attracted to us.  

Let’s begin this new opportunity of new beginnings from the place where everything is created: Self Love.          


 “It’s never too late to become who you want to be.”  

-F. Scott Fitzgerald