The statement for 2018 is: My present circumstances have nothing to do with my future creations. I am in this moment of NOW,  I KNOW what I want, and I stay focused on creating it with joy and love.
We sing it every New Year’s Eve: Raise a cup to the past, honor it, and MOVE ON.
Quit telling your old stories, redefine who you are and what you want, and focus only on feeeeeeling into the freedom and excitement of that!
We choose it every year, and then we slowly creep into repeating those old patterns that keep creating what we are intending to leave behind. So here a some major patterns to be aware of in 2018 to move away from:
1) I have no power
2) I have to wait for someone else to create me
3) I have to give up myself to take care of others OR to take care of
4) It’s someone else’s fault I can’t do it
5) I don’t have the energy. I don’t have the health. I don’t have the money
6) It isn’t possible. It isn’t probable. I can’t imagine it.
7)  I don’t know how
8) It’s too late
So let’s make a toast to all these old “friends” that have been with us for so long, and raise a glass to what they have taught us about what we DON’T want. Honor them and make a decision: In this year of 2018, I KNOW
1) I am the power
2) I create me
3) I honor myself to take care of myself and others
4) My successful creation is my responsibility and I accept it
5) I AM the energy, health and money
6) My creation is possible, probable, and I imagine it fully
7) I know how
8) Now is the perfect moment of creation
Happy New Year People I Love. You are magnificent beyond words. 
   Blessings, Dee