I love doing private sessions, and when I have a lot of them, I love them even more! So much new, expansive energy comes through.

This week an incredible discernment around gratitude and its part in our creation process was presented to me. It made two principles, and how they interact, even more clear.


Being in gratitude is NOT directing energy! It is more of an acknowledgement that our direction has been answered.

OMG, I said.

The channel responded…”Exactly.” I love it when they’re clever.

So, we have to direct energy first, and THEN enter into gratitude from the place of knowing it has been delivered.

I have always thought that, “Thank you for creating money with me” was actually directing energy to create money. Nope! “I direct all energy to create money and consistent money flow. Thank you for creating this with me” is actually the complete statement.

When we take the time to choose exactly what we want, commit to it, and then direct the creation of it and enter into gratitude (because when you ask/direct it is done) the cycle is complete.

So Freedom and I will have to change our gratitude walks to include the clear direction along with our thanks. She’ll be thrilled. The longer the walk, the better.

Please stop for a moment and realize the enormity of this clarity that has been delivered to us.

Let’s put it to work…NOW!


“Often people ask how I manage to be happy despite no arms and no legs. The quick answer is I have a choice. I can be angry that I have no limbs, or I can be thankful I have a purpose. I chose gratitude.”  

-Nick Vujicic