It’s a real challenge to summarize the plethora of important information that came in during Creation Station. But here are some bullet points:


  • All dimensions, time, space etc. are included in “energy”. After all, everything IS energy. That makes our directions much easier, as long as we are aware that we ARE including all the Multiverses, dimensions etc. in our direction.


  • The highest word for God is Energy. (Omnipresent and everything.)


  • When we say I Am Love, it is limited to our individual expression. When we say “I Am Divine Love” we are expressing ourselves as being God/All Energy.


  • There are 8 Parallel Universes, with 4 Parallel Universes where our Higher Selves exist. They cannot interfere, but they can be directed to integrate with us to create in the highest way possible. When we direct energy, be aware you are integrating and directing all our Higher Selves to join in creating with us.


  • Children choose their parents. Aborted children know and choose, for their soul’s teachings, to learn about being wanted/unwanted.


  • Children who are born to families where they are not wanted and adopted out also are choosing a lesson for their soul’s growth and understanding.


There were MANY other fine-tunings in understanding the work. And expanding it. As I review the recording, I will make every effort to share those with you.