It has been a mind-blowing two weeks.

Between the webinar and the shows, we have started receiving new, more expanded information and understanding of the sheets we work with. 

Per my intention to train people in this work, several of you have come forward to bring in new information. Below is representative of what you can access when “two or more” are gathered toward the same direction.

In the Genetic Subjects is the subject of Balance. As you know from finishing this amazing Balance Webinar, you MUST be in balance for manifestation.

Below are subjects that were channeled under Genetic Balance (beliefs passed down to you regarding Balance):

1) Entanglements: This refers to mixture of Energy (positive or negative) that we have joined our energy within the cosmos (dimensions).

2) Rules

3) Judgements

4) Doubts

5) Addictions

6) Consciousness

7) Attachments

8) Distractions

9) Choice

10) Experiences

When we are handed down beliefs that limit or keep us “trapped” in negative beliefs under the above subjects, our Balance is compromised. When our Balance is compromised, we are not in choice: we are in reaction or safety mode. And that limits grand and great creation/manifestation.

It is time to write the beliefs you WANT to have about each subject above, feel into and commit to those new beliefs, and expand ourselves.

Remember, WE are the power, the love, the joy and the CHOICE.

Our hearts remain open.

And so it is!


“No person, no place and no thing has power over us, for “we” are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.” 
-Louise Hay