Yep. It’s that time again. 

Time to make a list of all our wishes and plans we INTEND to create this year.   

And you know what resolutions are? Another way to direct energy!   

Of course, you need to be conscious that you are doing just that. 

Making a list (and checking it twice) about your intentions for the new year is the first step in sending out your signal to the Universe that says: I choose this, so create this with me now. 

The second step is getting yourself in alignment/harmony with loving what you are claiming, knowing you deserve it, and the world wants you to receive it. 

The third step is CHOOSING to see yourself as the creator of the things on that list, choosing to see the world as a place where it is possible to happen and a place that wants to give you those things, and then seeing the world looking at you and seeing a person it wants to deliver these things to. 

The fourth step is knowing that this is the time to receive it, so we hold focus with knowing, trust, faith and naiveté that it is created by us, for us, and in partnership with the Universe. 

The final step is consciously making sure that ALL OF YOU is integrated and intending the same thing (I hate money because I don’t have it and please send me more money isn’t integrated. It’s how we fight ourselves by conflicting thoughts/perspectives.) 

So feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel great and happy and excited about what you want, put that signal out, be in harmony about it, and know you stand in faith and naiveté in receiving it. You are a grand creator of Self, and acknowledging that and practicing that is the best New Year’s resolution you can give yourself!   

Happy Self Creating in 2020!         


“Trying to change before you are ready isn’t likely to be productive. For example, most New Year’s resolutions don’t last because people spring into action without being prepared for the work it’s going to take. Forcing change based on a date on the calendar, rather than a true readiness to transform, can be a set up for failure.”  

-Amy Morin