We were watching one of Bill Nye’s specials where he was talking about Volcanoes: the threats, and the positives. It was fascinating and superbly produced. He briefly talked about Normalcy Bias, and the channel gave me a “wake up and pay attention. This is something you should bring to people’s attention.”

So I did some research.


Basically, Normalcy Bias is the tendency to dismiss danger or threat. A whopping 70% of the population will go into denial regarding impending doom, i.e. erupting Volcanoes, tsunami’s, information on disease, etc. Once their brain says, “OK. Let me look at this,” they enter a phase called deliberation. There they check with other people, gather opinions, and ruminate. Finally, when the threat is too imminent and great, they MIGHT take action. By then, as in the erupting of Pompeii and, more recently, the fires in northern California, it is too late.


I recalled after hearing something on the news a week earlier exclaiming in frustration, “Why is it human nature waits until it’s too late?” Lanny reminded me we were watching the news about Jackson and the wildfires up north. So, now I understand why.


My question to the channel was why it jolted me into checking into this to bring to you. The reply: DON’T WAIT. CREATE. Don’t wait any longer to start loving yourself. To start living the life you desire. To begin … or follow up on … your dreams. To pick new dreams to believe in and take action on. Don’t wait to make clear choices. To Know. To Do. Create now. Because if you ruminate too long, the disaster of living a life unfulfilled might be too near at hand, and the choice will no longer be yours.


So … what will you take decisive action on today?