It’s that time of year. The holidays are starting. I love it. I live for it. Right now ghosts and goblins and candy corn and giant spiders are everywhere luring children of all ages into the spooky fantasy of Halloween. I must admit, now that Gabrielle is grown, this particular holiday is not quite as festive without the little girl I used to carve pumpkin families with and dress up in tutus too numerous to mention. But the sense memory that this holiday is the precursor to all the others ignites an excitement in me that is palpable.

This is the saga of holidays at the Wallace house since Gabrielle was little: Halloween, followed by Gabrielle’s birthday, followed by Thanksgiving, followed by my birthday, followed by Christmas, and culminating in New Years. And we had a party for every occasion.

I remember when our beloved friend and nanny returned from three weeks off in January and being met by Gabrielle running down the walk proclaiming, “Kristen! You have to help me get ready for our Valentine party!” Kristen looked up at me with this forlorn smirk. “Gaby,” she said, “we just finished six parties.” Without a beat, Gabrielle looked up at her and beamed, “Mom and I are just party girls!”

And she was right. We were. And are. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to share the love and be surrounded by the love. My sister-in-law gave me a framed sign which I proudly display in the guest bathroom:  Until further notice, celebrate everything. And why not? I think the more we celebrate, the more we celebrate life and each other and ourselves. I think life should be one big party. The festivities of love abound everywhere. Participate in them. Create them. Party on!

Blessings, Dee