God played a big role in the creation, and the very foundation, of our great country. Our pledge of allegiance (our pledge of loyalty) states, “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” Our money states “In God We Trust.” In this community, we know and believe that the word “God” embraces more than a benevolent person. It is the Creative Force Itself: all thought and all possibility.┬áThat expands our understanding of the statements above.

“One nation, under God,” through our belief systems is “One nation of all thought and possibility…One nation that is open and creating from new thoughts of its own…one nation independent of all other interference and order.”

“In God We Trust” becomes more tangible to us, especially in its connection with money. “We trust that through all thought and possibility, when we are open to new ways, when we trust in the Divine scheme of choice, focus and creation from a world where everything is possible, our abundance flows.”

This July 4th, our “Independence Day,” let us truly be Independent in our self-creation. Let us stand as a person of the United States of America, an independent being in an independent country, that has the wealth of all great possibilities and opportunities as the core of their belief system. Let us stand in the Knowing that with choice, focus and love, we remain the great creators of freedom from our limiting selves and the past, who can continually move into freedom of creation and power. We trust in miracles, because we know they are a part of all possibilities.

“America, America, God shed his light on thee. And crown thy good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea!”

America, America, let all thought and possibility be open to Us. And let the good that comes from choosing the highest choice be shared by all who come together in brotherhood.

Blessings, Dee