…is walking our talk. I really want to break it down for you and get specific about what that means.

1) You know that LOVE creates and heals everything.

2) You know, then, that if you are choosing to be an enlightened being on this planet and create YOU, you hold the intention of LOVE…above everything else.

3) You know that every time you have a thought of anger, retaliation, fear, prejudice or judgment YOU HAVE MOVED AWAY FROM YOUR INTENTION.

4) You know that whenever you choose to correct that thought, and choose a NEW THOUGHT of love or even towards love, you are on the path of all greatest teachers and creators since the beginning of time.

My daughter often gets frustrated with me. “You’re so Gandhi, mom,” she chides. “Sometimes people just can’t be so Zen. It’s not normal.” And I’m not saying it is. I’m saying who the hell wants to be normal these days? Normal is angry and bashing people on subways and blowing up concerts and angering allies and fearing missiles. Not the normal I want to live…or create. And what I want her, and all of you, to know is that this IS NOT WOOWOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is science. It is how energy works. Everything is energy. Energy needs direction. The best direction for energy is love. Period.

So take the challenge people! Rise to conquer your own saboteur within. When you hear yourself arguing against yourself, stand up for the part of you that KNOWS. The bigger you that is pulling you to that grand Gandhi place. Yes, he stood for love. Christ created from love. Buddha professed love. They were all pretty powerful! Be powerful love, and watch the world start changing around you.

Blessings, Dee