We know that if we continue to tell our old stories about our traumas from childhood, we keep reinforcing those stories and beliefs, and continue to represent them in our current lives.

So, how to we let them go? By redirecting the energy into the beliefs and experiences we want. Just like you direct water to boil for tea, we direct energy to take on another form. And here are the steps using the boiling water analogy:


1) Be aware of what you want. Be as clear and specific as possible. You do this by knowing what you don’t want (cold water,) and then becoming clear about what you DO want (boiling water.)

2) You feel good about how that boiling water is going to give you that tea you love!

3) You love that feeling!

4) You tell the Universe (your kettle) to create that boiling water with you

5) You relax and let the water boil

6) You enjoy your amazing cup of tea!


When you break it down with this analogy, it sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? And IT IS! Just know what you desire and love it, guys! And love yourself! You can do this!