Have you noticed? Everything seems to be in overdrive: going too fast, overwhelming, moving at lightning speed. Usually this freaks us out. The channel doesn’t want us to react this way, because it is, essentially, good news.

It’s good news because it means our work is working! Our creation from choice, commitment, and partnership with the Universe is in full bloom. If we have to hold on to “the way it was before” in order to stay safe and comfortable, we won’t expand to embrace doing more, handling more, and creating more! If we are asking for expansion, and more money with more creation, then we have to be willing to be comfortable with receiving more … and handling more to receive.

Have you been feeling tired?

Not being able to handle everything?

Overwhelmed at everything you have to juggle?

These are all signs of overwhelm connected to expanded creation. This is exactly the pattern that limits the world of all possibilities. As our creation expands, and opens up new horizons, if we don’t believe we can handle those new horizons, we will limit ourselves in our creation by pulling back from the possibilities.

It also keeps us in the cycle of continuing to create our old stories because, well, we can’t or won’t move out of them because we get overwhelmed with the NEW story that is being created and, again, we pull back from the expansion. We freeze. We stop creating and revert to our holding pattern of what is safe.

So this week, dare to do something uncomfortable. Push out of your comfort zone. Take a chance. Open to new possibilities. 

All possibilities. 

Welcome overwhelm as the new expansion, and see how easily and joyfully you handle all the new, exciting stuff bombarding you in your self creation. 

Be brave in your asking and claiming. This is the time. Your time. Seize it!


“Life finds its purpose and fulfillment in the expansion of happiness”  

-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi