The world seems to be wallowing in it. Not enough times. Not enough money. Not enough energy.


The definition of overwhelm is, “to weigh upon overpoweringly. To crush.” So, we are being “crushed” by the worry and exhaustion of not having enough … energy, money, time, FUN.  The channel has a higher definition: whenever we are giving ourselves up to create and feel our value, we move into overwhelm.  WOW. Read that again. It explains most of the people I know.


AND … isn’t that exactly what we’re taught?! The more we work and juggle and give and support the more successful and loving we are. It’s time to re-educate our little child! Let’s teach them a new truth: When you live in balance, you serve yourselves and others in the highest way.


Take time to get clear about what your priorities are. Take time to schedule fun activities. Take time to re-evaluate your needs and duties. What makes you happy? What drives you into overwhelm? Always, always ask yourself: Am I in balance, or am I in overwhelm. Like everything, it is a choice.