I can’t believe the last week in Democratic Politics.  

It’s been like watching a soap opera on speed and weed (not that I can relate, lol). I mean, the best screenwriters in the world couldn’t come up with all these twists and turns and unbelievable plot twists.  

I wanted to know WHY all this confusion is happening.

So let’s break it down from the point of our work.

1) In order to create ANYthing, you have to know what you want. The clearer and more complete the better.

The Democratic Party doesn’t know what they want. There are far left socialist segments, moderates, and conservatives. There is non-agreement among the ranks. And a house divided against itself, falls.

2) As you define yourself, you create yourself. Right now The Democratic Party is defining itself as “We Are Divided.”  

3) You need to feeeeeeeeeeel love around your creation. Right now, the party feels fear, anger and confusion.

4) The Universe must be asked to create with us what we want.  But if a person/country/entity doesn’t KNOW what they want, The Universe just…………….waits.

I wanted you to see the value of our work as it extends out into the world. Creation is creation. The formula is the same. If you want more clarity and decisiveness in our politics, do you part. Know what you want, and get busy holding your focus and your love there.  

Yes, it is up to Us as individuals to create Us as a country.  

We are it.  



“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.” 

-Isaac Newton