I’m nervous.

My metal mind is screaming Are you crazy? You shouldn’t write about this! People might be offended and of different mindsets!

But the quote from Peter Marshall about “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” keeps screaming in my head. So here goes.

I believe we are in a challenging time. 

I believe we are at the point where we must CHOOSE and COMMIT (so The Universe can answer) whether we value our democracy or will allow dictatorship to be born in The United States of America.

We have survived and flourished this long because we have been a country of laws. A country founded and guided by law.

We are living now with a government that does not honor those laws.

We are living now with a government that thinks they are above the law.

We are living now with an government who chooses to define its own rules.

We are living now with people who support these choices.

I do not want a government that does not honor what this very successful country has been built on for decades. I want our dignity back. I want our love back. I want our balance back.

Which means we have to consciously stand for something, and create it with love. Not divisiveness. Not fear. Not judgement. 


Remember, LOVE creates everything. If it does not resonate with LOVE, it is energy scattered, dispersed, and not integrated. We want our country’s energy to be UNITED, as our name states.

Separating children from families does not align with love.

Name bashing people does not resonate with love.

Bullying does not resonate with love.

Changing the law to create more disruption does not resonate with love.

Only LOVE resonates with the truth of Who We Are. You are either love, or you aren’t. 

Remember, the whole Universe works on maintaining balance. Ergo, the balance of power, which our country is based on.

It is time to make a stand. To choose. To commit.

The Universe can only intercede and partner with Us when we do.

So in this time of decision, choose LOVE. 

Choose LOVE.

Please, choose Love.


“I want to stand for something, and it’s probably going to be something some people stand against.”
-Blake Shelton