Can you feel it? The world is full of all new possibilities. Be open to them. We are free, and freedom, just like the creation of this country, needs to let the old stories go and be open to the creation of all new and good.


We are all the creators of those possibilities.

We get to shape the New World.

We must do it consciously, purposefully, and powerfully daily.

We begin by directing the energy daily with this statement:


I Am creating love, integrity, truthfulness, dignity, and power through Divine Love, for all energy in all dimensions. I command all energy to define Itself as these attributes!


So, what is possible? According to the channel:


1) Things return to an even better state of “normal”. We have learned many lessons. Put them into your new creation. What are those lessons? a) Love creates everything b) We ARE the power c) We ALWAYS have choice to choose.


2) The Creative Force (the I Am) is now and continuously in balance within itself.


3) That all chakras remain open so the energy of love and power flows smoothly into our creation. (In simpler terms, we won’t close up and go into reaction.)


Like the pioneers, we have the possibility to discover unfathomable strength and power in creating the vision and to create the blueprint for this brave new world. Seize the challenge. Do the work!




“The future belongs to those who see the possibilities before they become obvious.”

-John Sculley

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we loose the excitement of dreaming. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

-Gloria Steinem