We have to accept it. 


The time of “working up to believing we are powerful” has come to an end.

KNOWING we are has arrived.

Want to know how “not knowing you are the powerful creator” shows up in your life? These are a few of the myriad of ways:

1) You don’t complete things (notice I did NOT use the word can’t).

2) You don’t get started on what you’ve been thinking about for months/years.

3) You create something only to lose it or some part of it.

4) Your chakras shut down because you are in fear of “I won’t be able to create this” or “OMG! I AM creating this!”

So we are going to come together, right now, and claim:

I Know.

I Am.

I Am Power through Divine Love.

I Deserve to create all the desires of my heart.

I give, and I receive, in a perfectly balanced dance of energy.

Start each morning claiming “Today, I Am the Powerful Creator that I Am.” 

Feeeeeeeeeeel the excitement of that statement. 

Direct and invite all energy (including Interstellar Light and the frequency between the frequencies) in all time/space dimensions to partner with you in your knowing, and in your experiencing of your Knowing.

We have a duty to bring our power through Divine Love forward, or we have no right to complain about the state of our world.


“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power”