It’s a great book. You should read it. It is imperative to understand the difference when it comes to Creation.


Power is Knowing.

Force is Fear.


So many times, on the show and in privates, I hear the exasperated exclamations that go something like this:

“I have been doing ‘this work’ (meaning spiritual study about manifestation) for years. I say the words, I meditate, I make my lists of what I want. Nothing changes! What am I doing wrong?”


Usually, the answer is that they are “trying to make it happen.” They BEGIN the creation process by trying to FORCE the result. As stated above, Force is Fear…will it work? Will I succeed? Will I get it?


That is the opposite of Knowing.


Knowing is…”And so it is.” It is complete when I direct it in Love. That is why it is so very important to create with LOVE. You stay in your Knowing and out of Fear.


This week, let’s focus on directing what we want with love and then letting go and allowing our partnership with The Universe to create the best outcome possible…beyond our wildest dreams!