Yep. I’m guilty.


How many times have I said, “You guys keep HEARING it, but you don’t DO it?” Well, I just got busted for doing exactly that!


Last weekend, I was in Louisiana shooting a movie. I have to admit, all the Covid stuff was making me nervous. We were in a bubble. No one came in that hadn’t been cleared. Everyone was tested regularly, and everything sanitized. All the crew wore masks on set. Everything was in place as much as humanely possible. I was present in directing my day and holding my balance, until…


Saturday morning, I got up feeling…blah. Down. A little depressed. Hmmm, I thought, maybe I don’t want to act anymore. I’ve been so happy during Covid, focusing on my healing work, not having to travel to God-knows-where to shoot.


I kept trying to figure out WHY I was feeling so yucky. I hadn’t traveled in a long time, and forgot to bring my pendulum with me (like, I totally should “never leave home without it.”). The longer I asked myself why and what was going on, the more down into the hole I fell. Yep, right into that old toilet bowl.


I called my daughter. She took a moment, and calmly replied, in a slightly snide but loving way, “Mom, do what you always tell me. Just DECIDE to be happy. DECIDE to be glad you get to act. DECIDE¬†you’re going to have a great time. DECIDE to make it a great day.”


I sat there, stunned.


She was right. It was that easy. I didn’t have to know why I felt uneasy. I just had to DECIDE to feel better!


And you know what?


Everything turned around in an instant. The whole day looked different. I went to the set and had a gorgeous time! We had so much fun laughing and creating. It was…magical.


So, now I know what I am teaching you works, on a very visceral level. We are the only ones who can pull ourselves out of the toilet and proceed down our yellow brick road. We don’t have to battle the scary monkeys or the wicked witches of our fears. We just have to DECIDE to skip down the road.


We have the power, and we have had it all along. Let’s LIVE IT!!


“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Tony Robbins