Priorities are important. If you don’t know how to prioritize, you can go easily into overwhelm. Here is some help from the channel about prioritizing:


1) If there is a deadline, meet it first.

2) If there is more than one deadline, prioritize exactly WHEN those deadlines are and write them down. Writing them down helps you segregate and not bunch together “a whole lot of things I have to do”. This helps keep you organized, and out of overwhelm into calmly handling everything you need to do in an organized manner.

3) Keep directing yourself, “I handle everything easily and all my life is in the flow.”

4) Ask yourself, “How can I love and get more excited about doing this?”

5) Take action. Once you begin, your creativity starts to kick in, and everything becomes easier … and faster.


The most prominent thing that thwarts us in making priorities is: not CHOOSING to find the joy in moving ahead.


I Am the love, the power, the joy and the choice in everything I create!