Here’s a headline: When you love yourself, you have love for all, but you can love others without loving yourself.

That’s just one of the little gems that broke through during Creation Station. 

What a weekend. I am still living in the love for the group of amazing souls that channeled together, ate together, partied together and yes, loved together. 

I can feel how easily I move into a more expanded state of love now. I can “call it up.” The choice is more easily accessible to me.

Why is important to love yourself? 

Because your brain changes. It opens to more possibilities. It literally moves into higher brain wave states that affect your electrical charge that you send out (and receive back from) the Ionosphere. It circles back to your heart (where the original direction comes from), moves to your mind, which redirects the brain which moves into higher states and the circle starts all over again. 

It is, literally, the circle of creation. What you send out, must be returned to you.

So, when we live in, experience, and send out the signal of self-love, the world, literally, must love us back. 

And that makes it really easy to love the world!

Know that when you move forward in this, you MIGHT experience blow-back if you have any limiting belief systems in the way re: If I love myself (do great things for myself, come forward for myself etc.) bad things happen. 

Three people cancelled at the last minute because of challenges the world handed them at the last moment. I’ve never had a cancellation before. That should tell you what a humongous breakthrough weekend this was!

So, love yourself more. And if you get down on yourself, sing this song to yourself Colbie Cailet’s song ” I’m Never Gonna Let You Down”. 

Direct yourself to know that life always is better, more successful, more expansive and happier when you begin with self-love.  

I promise your life will turn around. I Love Myself so Much




“Self-love is the source of all our other loves.”

– Khoudia Diop