Your purpose here is to know YOU are the light that creates YOU. All energy is waiting to be directed by you with your clear choice matched with Divine Love and commitment.


You are here to be happy. You are here to Know. You are here to love.


And often, you are here to BE.


We were on our flight back home from our beautiful Spa Retreat my daughter treated me to. We chose a center seat and an aisle seat for her so her pregnant body could visit the bathroom often. A woman approached in the aisle. She stopped. She looked at me as if she were assessing me in some way. Then she asked if she could take the window seat. We obliged.


As soon as she sat down, she began talking non-stop. About her family. Her grandchildren and everything they did. Her trip. No breaths … just constant rambling. I listened politely, and I could feel my eyelids closing. I explained I had been up since 5, and please excuse me while I closed my eyes for awhile.


When I awoke twenty minutes later, she began talking to me again. I thought to myself, “Just listen, Dee. She just needs someone to listen.” This time she started talking about her past. She had suffered her entire life with mental illness. She had been in and out of mental hospitals. Diagnosed with schizophrenic/bipolar disorder, they had finally gotten her meds balanced. It was the first trip she had made alone, and she was on her way to see her grandson graduate. “When I talk, I stay out of my head better,” she explained. I smiled. I thanked her for sharing her story with me. “You seem like a very kind person,” she smiled and said. “I Am,” I answered.


The announcement came on that we were landing. I thanked her again for sharing her story with me, and wished her a joyous visit.


After we got off the plane, Gabrielle looked at me. “God mom. You were so patient.”  “You know baby, ” I responded, “Sometimes we are just there to be there for others.”


And then I thought to myself…yes, Dee, remember that.  And I will.