We had a leak somewhere in the pool. Ahhhhh, the joys of owning a home!


I got a reference from a friend for a leak specialist. When I called him, he almost seemed like he didn’t want to come, and when I told him that, he said it was because he didn’t want to waste our money. OK. I appreciated that. We did the tests he recommended, but still the water was draining. So I called back and made an appointment.


When he got here, his demeanor was rather caustic. Harsh. Off-putting. There was mud that needed to be cleaned out of the skimmer. I stood and watched as he and Lanny discussed how, and who, should handle the problem. Finally, I told them both to move and I got down and did it myself.


I went back into the house. Lanny followed. “I don’t like this guy,” I said. He has a bad attitude. However, he proceeded with the job. And then the channel gently whispered, “You’re in reaction, Dee. What do you want to create?”


I stopped and paused. Love. I always want to create love.


I watched him work for a while, and went out to offer him a bottle of water. He was very appreciative. He continued the hunt for the leak. When I went out again, I brought Freedom with me. He reached down to pet her, and started the story of his beloved dog he had just lost. All of a sudden, the mood and the attitude just fell away, and we spent fifteen minutes bonding over our love for dogs. I offered him a chocolate chip cookie. He accepted it graciously.

What could have been a meeting that left a bad taste in my mouth, ended with me making a new friend. He found the leak and repaired it. I paid him. We parted ways.


How simple it is to turn energy around when we choose to choose love, instead of judgement. Love instead of reaction. I hope he felt good about the day, too. It was a great opportunity for both of us. Where can you choose love today?




“Love is the highest creative force on earth.”

-The Channel