It’s interesting doing this work.  It’s life changing really living it.

I had made plans with a friend who had extended a kind offer to me.

Because of various mistakes and misunderstandings, she withdrew her offer. She had been offended by my inadvertent mistake and really felt personally affronted. She felt dishonored. Disrespected. 

I have to say this really surprised me. It rather hurt me. And there was no talking about it. No discussion. She simply pulled herself away, and that was that. 

Interestingly enough, I felt guilty. And I want you to hear this: I felt guilty for no reason. So, I wanted answers. And guess where I found them: yep, right inside my little girl.

In an alcoholic family, you tend to feel guilty about everything. Was it my fault that daddy was drinking so much? Was it my fault that mommy was hurting so much? Was it my fault I couldn’t keep my little brother from crying? Was it my fault I couldn’t make everything right? And so, like most of us, I fell into that immediate pattern of feeling guilty.

But I wasn’t, and I shouldn’t have felt that way.

On the other side, my friend had fallen into a very old pattern reaction of her own: I am not respected and I am always taken advantage of. 

The world isn’t fair. Obviously, as a younger child she couldn’t do anything right enough, or wasn’t heard, or felt she could never be good enough and so any slight from anyone plunged her into that place of unfairness from the world.

So what is the solution when these two worlds come together? 

I wasn’t going to be forgiven, it was wasted energy to keep trying to create that. It was definitely NOT in the definition of self love to be angry and hurt. 

So I went to the answer the channel gives all of us: LOVE. I let go and loved. I loved her. I loved myself. I loved the pony in the poop that was the insight I gained from this experience. I choose to stay in love. It is not my responsibility for what she chooses. 

It’s simple, my beautiful people. Choose love.  Just choose love.  




“The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all things.”

– Peace Pilgrim