The channel is focusing a lot on receiving these days. As we know, creating is Recigive: receiving and giving as one fluid, continuous movement. Some people are overly focused on giving, even to the point that they “give up themselves to take care of others.” Some are overly focused on receiving, as in “I’m entitled to everything without a fair exchange.” But, as in everything, there must be a balance. When there is balance, receiving and giving happen simultaneously.


It’s true that it may not APPEAR that way. The receiving part usually tends to show up a bit after the giving part has taken place. It’s not actually true. It happens in the moment … it’s just the material expression that has a bit of a “delay.”


That’s why so many of us stop the creating (giving) part too early, because it doesn’t “appear” to be paying off. AND … that is when you must continue to give your love and attention to the giving (creating), because that is when the material receiving takes place.


When we go into doubt, worry, and hopelessness, the Recigive Dance with the Universe gets interrupted, and receiving gets delayed because the Love Giving has been stopped with despair.

Keep the faith, people, and follow through. The Universe really wants to be your partner.