Tis the season to receive. Because without receiving, the giving is not complete. Think of it as a giant hug. It happens simultaneously.


Receiving is also an act of the heart. It is about receiving the love and goodwill from people who are feeling love toward you, including the Universe. When we are in true appreciation of what we have received, the love flows back and forth between the giver and receiver, and expands the vibration out into the Universe for all to feel and experience.


I never gave much credence to “It is better to give than to receive” because to me, each completes the other. Each is a vital element of the bonding expression of love. During this holiday season, receive gratefully and joyfully. And be conscious of the love you are completing by doing so.  And love yourselves for creating the people in your lives who acknowledge and want to give to you. Accept the love you have created in your life. And know that if there are some who cannot choose to respond, it never diminishes your choice to send them love anyway. That is the ultimate gift … for them and yourself.