Recigive is a term I coined years ago. It is defined as “the one action and energy of receiving and giving.”  Most people think receiving and giving are two separate actions. In truth, they are one. Like a good hug, they both happen simultaneously. If you want to receive, give. If you want to give, you must allow someone to receive. The Universe works the same way: it is always ready to give, but many of us refuse to accept our good. It is also waiting for us to give love and joy, so that it might receive those frequencies and send them back to us.

I had an amazing experience of this during this past weekend when I did the AlienCon convention. I had never done one before, and really, purposefully, did not set my expectations in either direction. I decided to go with the intention of serving in the highest way anyone who needed love, or stories, or hugs. It became, undoubtedly, the most amazing convention I have attended.

Usually, the focus is on making money. And I do. I go out of my way to personally connect with everyone that comes to my table: to make them feel special. People feel and respond to this. And the Universe always gives me a financial return. But this weekend I got a lot more.

Friday night I did my Q and A panel where the audience can ask questions. I have many great stories from the films I have done, and love to share them with my audience. But this group was different. They wanted to know about my healing work, and Buppalapaloo, and The I Love Me Movement. They asked me to take them through a process, and it was quite moving. Then a beautiful, brave woman who had lost her mother asked how she could move back into love and peace after a loss like that. The channel showed me Teddy Bears all around me. I asked her what those had to do with her mother. She became very moved, and replied, “My mother designed and sewed teddy bears all her life.” Thank God I had been brave and trustworthy enough to follow the channel’s lead. “She wants you to know she is sewing teddy bears on the other side and she is with you all the time. And she is free.” And that gave this beautiful soul the opportunity to be free also. Then another woman came forward. She had lost both her parents. I encouraged the room to listen to the free past life regression on It will give them peace. We talked of my father’s suicide, Christopher’s death during the Frighteners. I shared much of me, fulfilling the intention of serving.

It was a moment. A momentous moment of connecting with that room. Lives were changed: not the least of which was mine.

And the Universe gave back to me in numerous ways: love, satisfaction, connection of hearts, money, and thousands of hugs in gratitude. I was there to make money, I thought, but I created and received so very much more.

So if you are looking to increase recigive with the Universe, ask how you can serve. Ask how you can love more. Ask how you can give. And accept all that is returned to you. It is a marvelous dance with the Universe. Everybody wins the mirror ball!

Blessings, Dee