The good news about doing affiliate programs where I offer channeled messages is that I get to follow what is coming up to be healed within a large segment of the spiritual community. Like the Sunday show, there always emerges a theme that energy is sharing.  One of the biggest this past week is the ongoing belief in redemption.

The definition of redemption is, “the act of being saved from sin”. The recurring belief was, “I have to be redeemed to create my life”. Obviously, this comes from very old religious beliefs that were created to make us feel guilty, ashamed and unworthy to be self-creators. BUT, we know this is not the way energy works.

The Energy/God/Life Force/The Force/Divine Love is neutral. Its wish and purpose is to respond to our direction through our conscious choice so we can have dominion over our own lives and then, in partnership with that energy, create magnificently and joyfully together.

However, the energy will not interfere until it has direction.

Remember, “Ask and it is Given”.

The concept of “ask” in the original Hebrew translates to claim or demand. When we are coming from a belief that we are not worthy, and need to be “forgiven for our sins” to begin our self-creation, we are locked into a no-win situation with … ourselves. We can’t accept the power to choose and create.

We are the power that can make the choice to choose a new belief: I am giving me the power to choose and know that I have permission to joyfully create myself right now. I am accepted and loved.

If a belief doesn’t empower you, choose a new one.

If a belief limits you, choose a new one.

You are the master of your own fate.

Choose the thoughts that create the life you want.       


“The best God to go to for redemption is You . The Energy never felt It needed to forgive you.”  
Dee Wallace