I am well into channeling the issues for the Summit, and one of the prevalent things people are asking help with creating is Relationships. So, let’s go over what we know:
1) You have to know what you want. Make a list of all the attributes you want in a partner. Then, check to see if you, within yourself, are a match to those things.
For example, if you want to be respected, do you respect yourself? Do you respect the opposite sex? Do you feel worthy?
2) Are you subconsciously trying NOT to create an experience you had before? For example, “I don’t ever want a guy like my dad, or a relationship like my parents had.” What you focus on is what you get. Focus only on what you want with LOVE!
3) Be sure you are open to all possibilities. You are a magnificent creator! You deserve an amazing, loving partner who honors you!
4) Are you ready, willing and able to be joyful? And be in a joyful relationship? Cause that will attract a joyful person to you!
5) Remember, whatever you want, feel love and joy around it. Ask the Universe to partner with you. Expects a delivery!
Get yourself into alignment with these things and you will create relationships for yourself that you desire. And remember, you are in a relationship with your body, your money, your success and your world. How are you aligned with joy and love in all those subjects as well?
You have the power, Dorothy! Get creating!