Why would we ever want THAT? I thought we all wanted to be stable financially, stable in love and relationships, stable in our todays and our tomorrows. Why would we ever want to resist stability?

This all began with the question on Jean Adrienne’s show: What is causing this seeming state of chaos in the world?  The channel’s answer? It came from the song Titanic: we are seeing our world as a sinking ship going down. And as we know, the perceptions we hold we create. We are creating a sinking ship by seeing it sinking.

That was a real eye opener, and that led to me finding the word “stability.” It came in when I was doing some personal work, and expanded when I was doing work for a family member, and working with a close friend. Basically, it is a three pronged pyramid with these three corners:

1) I can’t create it because I’ll lose it

2) I have to kill myself (work hard, be unhappy etc.) to create it

3) I can’t create it again now (been there, done that, can’t do it again.)

This definitely does not lead to stability, except the stability of being unstable through the lack of creation.

And then that wonderful word CHOICE flashed across my consciousness. If we believe that choice has been taken away, and we must choose what we want in order to create what we want, the above three beliefs will remain in place. This is THE core belief we must own: I have the choice, I create the choice I choose, I receive the choice, and I am joyful in the receivership of it! Yippee and woohoo!! I am stable in my life because I know, I choose and the choice is created! What I focus my brain on, and the story I feed my subconscious, has to be “I get to choose, and I get my choice.” That is an automatic chakra opener, which leads to open hearts and creation excitement.

Who wants to create if they believe deep down they don’t get to choose or get what they choose? NOBODY!! Who wants to create when they know they get to choose and actually receive their choice? EVERYBODY!!

Own it, guys! Own it and use it and milk it to death. I am choice. I am choice. I am choice. And I receive my choice! Period.

Blessings, Dee

NEW STATEMENT: I am stable, creative, free, peaceful, and joyful in the creation of me as an open heart, full of joy and love.