…needs another meaning, and we are going to create it now…Resonation: the active engagement and agreement in an electrical charge that increases its power.

It doesn’t matter if we are “in resonation” positively or negatively. If something within us resonates with a frequency, we increase its power. So if someone or something lights up the memory and experience of fear, bullying, abandonment, unfairness, rage, belittlement, etc., and we RESPOND to that and light up that place within ourselves, the frequency of that expands. This is a scientific rule. Ask anyone who designs speaker cabinets and big rig trucks. They have to be DESIGNED to handle the resonance of the field they are interacting with.

If, when we light up consciously with love, peace, BALANCE, joy, etc., we even out the play between the frequencies and get to choose the direction of where we want to light ourselves up and turn ourselves on. Nothing could be more important in this world right now.

During our last webinar, the channel made it crystal clear that good and evil (as we have defined them) are supposed to exist on this plane because this is the plane of contrast and choice.  No opposites, no choice. And how can we learn and study the important lesson of self-creation and energy direction without the ability to choose between options.  Every advertiser can tell you that the more choice a buyer has, the more product is sold. WE LIKE TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE.

So I am encouraging all of us to really look at what we are resonating with. Many of us still believe we are resonating with creating the positive while still “waging a war” on the negative. That cannot and will not allow the Universe to resonate with your desires.  We need to resonate with the frequency within us that we want, and expect the opposite to then find that frequency THEY remember and resonate with OURS.

Want your vehicle of self-creation to drive smoothly down the road of life? Then adjust your frequency to work with it in the greatest formula for creation. Don’t fight it. Adjust to it, work with it, and direct what you want! Two things must come together and resonate with each other. What/who are you resonating with, and are YOU guiding it with choice?

Blessings, Dee