As I typed in the title of today’s eblast, I can hear Aretha Franklin screaming the song in my ear: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me!  In following the breadcrumbs that inevitably lead to core issues, the subject of respect roared itself loudly to the surface. Again, this is a virus that seems to have attacked many of us on planet earth. How do you perceive your respect in the world? Do you KNOW that others, the government, the Universe–God–respects you?

Let’s be clear about what we are talking about.

Respect: The condition of being esteemed and honored

Virus: an infective agent

So, most of us have been attacked by an agent that infects us with false reality that we are not respected, esteemed and honored. And that agent is our own belief systems that support the acceptance of that “reality.”

It is impossible for us to live as “equals” when we are permeated with this perspective of the outside world. It is impossible because we cannot SEE a world of equality while living from this perspective. Like the Native Americans couldn’t “see” the ships arriving because they had no experience to relate to it, we cannot “see” the respect and esteem from our fellow individuals because we have not lived in the experience of it. And so, the circle keeps completing itself redundantly with the limitations of past experiences.

Equality must start first within each of us. We know it is pointless to create something with two or more opposing beliefs. If we want to feel honored and respected we start within first. We honor ourselves first. We respect ourselves first.

The second thing to get into alignment then is the perspective we hold about the world, and how the world sees us. To honor ourselves, and then maintain the belief that the world “out there” doesn’t, will not allow us to be honored by the world, because “As you believe it is delivered to you.” Therefore, how we see ourselves, how we see the world, and how we see the world seeing us, must all come together harmoniously so we can live the vibration, send out the charge of respect, and have it returned to us in experience.

This week, let us agree within ourselves to honor ourselves and be open to a world that honors us. Let’s acknowledge every time it happens, no matter how small the response. Together, we can eliminate this virus. The vaccine is our chosen beliefs.

Rock on, Aretha.

Blessings, Dee