Without responsibility, creation either doesn’t happen or is incomplete. So, let’s dive in to how the channel defines responsibility:


1) We are all responsible for CHOOSING the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and beliefs that send out the strongest signal of what we desire to the Universe to be matched and returned to us.


2) If we do not do that CONSCIOUSLY, we betray ourselves and, therefore, the God of us cannot, and will not, be responsible in delivering the lives we want.


3) We are not responsible for our stories and what may have happened before we became aware of our responsibility to create. We ARE responsible for what we do from this day forward.


4) We are responsible for being the strongest, most pure and powerful form of the God we are.


We have been trained to point the finger at others for our creation. When we do that, we move out of the power of self-responsibility. And that limits self-creation.


Be clear. Take responsibility for knowing what you want and committing to it. Take action. And then trust. The Universe hears you!