Want a story that is an amazing example of doing the work and living consciously? I have one!

I set a very clear intention a year ago to consciously create opportunities and experiences of “being with the big guys who are nice, talented, and make great money.” I really want to expand all phases of me as personal acknowledgement and knowing that “I Am one of the nice big boys.”

Once the intention was set, a couple of months into the process I started noticing all the judgements I had toward them. You can’t be a part of any energy you are judging, so I began consciously choosing what I wanted to believe and perceive: The big players are kind with high consciousness and integrity.

The first way the Universe answered my shift in beliefs was a wonderful guest star role on NCIS. Mark Harmon, possibly the biggest producer in television, was the sweetest, kindest actor/producer I think I have ever worked with. And he treated his entire company that way.

The next opportunity was the wonderful Christmas film, Christmas in Louisiana, where, again, I was sharing the experience with some very big players. All were kind, professional, and in integrity.

This past week I was honored to receive a call, out of the blue from an old friend, to come and participate in a new music video John Legend was producing about love in the world. So many “big” people participating, all with the intention of raising the vibration of love in the world. I was so warmly received, and participated with my daughter in this so-very-important follow up to We Are The World. It will promote love, self-love, gun awareness and mental health.

The song begins with a phone call from the mother of a new performer/writer called Tay Da Prince. Part of the message states, “You can only love your neighbor as much as you love yourself. So make sure you’re taking care of yourself, and protecting your mind.” 

I mean, Dear God, could the Universe bring me anything more in alignment with my work? 

Do you see how us doing our work and bringing ourselves into alignment through love is creating more awareness in the world?

So quit looking for the results of your clear intentions and tough love for yourselves. 

It’s working. 

Trust it. 

And do it for the sheer joy of living in love. 

The Universe WILL deliver!


“When people make judgments they close all possibilities around them.” 

-Jeff Koons

“It seems everything is so full of possibilities one can hardly take it in.”

-Kenneth Koch