I feel compelled to write about what the Rittenhouse Trial represents energetically. No matter which side you were on, there were intense feelings and judgements about the outcome. It is apparent to all of us that the divide in our country is growing ever wider and bringing things to the surface for all of us to focus on. Here is what the channel has to says about the truths of what the trial and its outcome represent:


1) The belief that we have no control (And remember, that is the energetic basis for COVID)

2) We are scared to own and claim control as the signal we put out (which the Universe answers)

3) It’s not possible to be in control of our world without force

4) There must be a combination of positive/negative creation of energy because “that’s the way the world works.”

5) I can only create when there is a negative to fix.


NONE of these beliefs will create the world we are all longing to live in: a world of balance, of love, of unity, of ease, and one where we feel safe and secure to be in. PLEASE DO YOUR PART in knowing and claiming that, “I Am the Power that creates love, unity, balance, ease, and safety in my home, my country, my world and my Universe! I Am the power that creates.”


Then, the strong signal of being in control is sent out from your heart and brain and delivered back to you as the above.