Dammit. We have rules for a reason. Things proceed in a more orderly way with rules. We know what to expect with rules. We know how to communicate when we agree on the rules. Life is just more…simple. And so many of us are abusing them.

Streets are marked one way for a reason. Physically AND energetically. If you go the wrong way down a one way street you’re going to create havoc for you or the other guy going the right way. The energy is going to clash. The other day, I followed the rules. I waited patiently for a parking spot to open up at the shopping center by waiting in line in a one way lane. As I finally got my spot, a woman abused the rules and came barreling down the wrong way and took it. It was illegal, yes, but also abusive of the rules that made things run in an orderly manner. 

And yes, it pissed me off. I consciously had to bring myself back into balance. I consciously had to claim: I know everyone plays by the rules. Yep, gotta clear up those perceptions!

People waiting to board the plane purposefully merged in front of people who had been waiting in an orderly line for some time. Yep, people got upset. And they should. Except it doesn’t change anything and affects their health. 

Again, it’s an opportunity to practice what we know and check our perceptions of other people’s integrity.

I think that’s one reason people are so upset with President Trump. He doesn’t play by the rules. And he blatantly lets you know he doesn’t care. It infuriates us who are striving to be in integrity, honesty, and respect for one another. 

So what’s the answer when we get bullied by someone who doesn’t play by the rules?

According to the channel, we first have to accept they aren’t. 

Secondly, we have to change our perceptions that are helping to create us attracting these things and adopt/claim/direct/choose the opposite. I choose to see the world as a world where people choose to live in integrity and fairness. 

And then, of course, we have to be the people we choose to see. We have to choose to play by the rules. When we play by the Rules of Energy, we create what our attention and focus are on: a life where people respect each other, and where all energy is created equally out of mutual respect. 

That’s my Christmas wish. Oops, the channel just corrected me. That’s my Intentional Christmas Knowing. And so it is, baby cakes!




“I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care.”

– Lou Holtz