The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Chicken Little had nothing on what’s going on in the world right now. It feels like things are caving around us. Actually, many things are. The chaos that Deepak Chopra speaks about is everywhere, but within it is the structure and the design.

Those of us who have agreed to this amazing adventure of knowing the truth, also agreed to walk the path of becoming conscious, becoming responsible, and restructuring our consciousness in ways that are changing the world. And when you change the terrain that drastically, energetic earthquakes arise to shift the terrain of conscious creation.

Much of the turmoil we are feeling is due to eons of throwing out negativity and fear and anger. It has been bounced off the Ionosphere and is getting returned to us as the last vestiges of the “old world.” Do not think you have fallen back into the old ways. Do not think you have not succeeded in your intention. Instead, know this is a process of cleansing and releasing and restructuring. Hold fast to the state and choice of love and peace in the midst of this chaos, so all that is sent out are the vibrations of that. Then in the weeks and years to come, we have aligned the electromagnetic field to magnetize those same frequencies back to us. In this way we truly are The Force that is, The Power that chooses-and creates- a field of love for all mankind.

This is why we “turn the other cheek.” It selects a different choice that creates a new charge to send out, that becomes the new creation of the New World.

Let us not panic into the perception of failure and doomsday as Chicken Little did. The sky is not caving upon us. The vibrations we have sent out to the Universe may be returning to us but we have the knowledge to call it good, and hold fast to the vision that creates the brave new day.

Blessings, Dee