I am in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, for the life celebration of my younger brother, Damon. 

As you know, he committed suicide a little over two months ago. He had loving experiences here in earlier years with his wife, Terri, and close friends. It was a journey getting here. I’m glad I came.

There is something very peaceful and calming about being in the nature here. I know why he chose this place to bring his loved ones together to celebrate his life.

Lanny and I put together a DVD for the family that honors his life from birth through adulthood. I finally allowed myself to cry and grieve while doing it, and it occurred to me that it was the joy and fun and humor of who Damon was authentically that opened all of the emotion up. 

I wasn’t grieving his death. I was grieving not having that joy and laughter anymore.

As we hiked up the trail to deposit our individual containers of ash my sister had so lovingly prepared for each of us, I felt his love and presence close, and I could hear him cracking some kind of silly joke about not letting him blow away too far. He always had that humorous take on things. At my mom’s funeral, he leaned over to me and whispered, “This is the only time mom got here before everybody else.” We laughed. Mom was always late.

I smiled at the memory.

Today, I smiled with you, Damon. I smiled because you will never be gone from my heart. You are always with me. And I will always hear you whispering that funny take you had on life. 

Spread the fun up there. 


“Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.” 

-Trey Parker  



Facts to know: What we have always called Negative Entities are negative signals that have taken over our energetic systems. These signals have emanated from other energy (parents, religions, dreams, society etc.)

A signal is a wavelength that includes the past, present and future.

We “accept” these signals which become belief systems.

Then we inadvertently resend these signals out (from heart and brain) and The Universe matches them.

To create differently, we must “wash” the signal through the light of Divine Love and give it the new positive signal we choose.


On behalf of all energy (genetics, students, clients, politicians, diseases of any kind, negative substances of any kind (i.e. mold) thought patterns)…ALL ENERGY we claim and direct:

For all negative signals that have taken over and affected our energetic systems in any way, I direct you back to the light of Divine Love, to become Divine Love, to express yourself as Divine Love, joy, peace, abundance, wellness, success and compassion for all energy.

I ask (demand) that all energy partner with me in the creation of this now and consistently.

I express deep thanks and gratitude for this partnership and creation to Divine Love.

I open my heart to all new possibilities. I allow this transformation now and consistently.

I claim I Am God, and I am safe to create.

And so it is.