What the hell is going on? Everyone I know is sick, getting sick, or just getting over being sick. We know that “all these germs” are around us all the time, and we know that when our Immune System is strong we do not succumb. So, what, energetically, is crashing our Immune Systems?

In keeping with the expansion of what we know regarding the little child within us, I asked the channel if the challenges before our little child had anything to do with getting to a higher truth around sickness. Of course, the answer was yes.

Basically, we are to remember that the Little Child is still operating from old teachings. Incorrect teachings, but correct and truthful to our Little Child. Some of these teachings are as follows:
1) I took your power away
2) You must struggle to create

These are hard and challenging beliefs for our Little Child to let go of so they can trust the process of trusting us again. Before they make that cross over to integrating with us, they must face these teachings, and turn them around to move forward. The resistance to giving them up is what is causing all this sickness.

We need to work with our Little Child to retrain them that they indeed have the right, and the power, to BE WHO THEY ARE. We accept them as they are. We love them for who they are. And we give them their power back to KNOW who they are, to claim and live THAT.

The biggest shift we can help them make is to remind them that they came in as powerful creators, who have the right to choose and direct and focus on what they want. To help them remember that they do not have to squash that power in any way, or turn it down, or “make it likable.” They knew that when they came in, someone/people/something took that power, and taught them that struggle was the only way to “get there.” Let us give them their freedom back. Glorious freedom to be innately WHO THEY ARE. Help them to release any resistance to accepting that their personal power is restored gloriously to them, and that we will integrate and walk in power with them every step of the way.

This is the year to reclaim WHO I AM. This allows us to always be the power, love, joy and choice, which keeps our hearts open. Meeting the challenge.

Blessings, Dee