1. I have never had trouble sleeping. Now I do. I fall asleep easily, and then wake up in the middle of the night with my brain racing. I have done several privates and this issue has been brought up. I go to the set to shoot and two of my co-stars are talking about how they don’t sleep. This is called, “The Channel is telling you to look at this.”


So here it goes.


This is the information that the channel says about what needs to be aligned regarding, “Getting a full, happy, restful, rem-dominated night of sleep.”


1) Let go and be willing to “Be born anew in the next day.” In other words, allow the next day to unfold in its glory from moment to moment. Being in fear of what will “transpire” is not creating what you want.


2) Choose to value yourself by giving yourself time to rest and recuperate. Driving yourself to “accomplish more” is not self-love. It is desperation to “make things happen”, which is not creating. With that intention, all energy can come forward to create ease and flow for you. When you honor yourself, all energy follows.


3) No one has to “give up themselves” in any way to take care of you…INCLUDING YOU! You must choose balance, ease and flow, which includes a really good night’s rest to recuperate and renew.


4) Claim daily: “I Am One with the balanced frequency of the I Am.”


5) Balance with the direction: “I invoke the symbol, the formula, the Violet Flame and the Golden Light. And so it is.”


Start counting sheep, my friends. Happy Resting!