I don’t even know where to start. Again, we have entered another stratosphere of information that is expanding the meaning and breadth of our work. Of course, going to Hawaii and allowing the Voice to talk never hurts. And I could listen.

I am going to outline the highlights and get right to it:

1) We are being asked to release and neutralize all the fears, angers, injustices that we are still carrying from PAST LIVES.  Of course, that energy affects this lifetime. Hold the intention, invoke the Violet Flame and the Golden Light, and claim Divine Love to be the light that these hurts are transformed into with your light. Again, use the Light of You to heal yourself.

2) A new breathing technique to equalize blood pressure: Talk a quick breath in thru your nose to the count of four, and release it SLOWLY out through your mouth to the count of eight (the difference in seconds confuses your brain)…Repeat three or four times. I am not a doctor, but this came to me through a doctor.

3) It is becoming more apparent and is being validated through testing that the conflict within us is the cause of much of our physical “discomforts.”  The yes/no, ying/yang, devil/angel conflicts within ourselves and creates conflict within our own energy. That is why INTEGRATION is so very important: to integrate our opposites into ONE decision and choice. Then the freedom of creation opens up.

This is, again, why living consciously is so very important. Be aware of when you are fighting yourself with opposites, and use your conscious choice to know that uniting those opposites into one belief system can change your entire life.

4) POWER. A poorly placed belief can weaken and actually “inflame” your purpose, thwarting your intention. Again, think of two bones rubbing together. Pain, weakness. Think metaphorically and you get the relationship.  If you want to be powerful, unite your beliefs into ONE system that is in harmony.

Many things are opening up for all of us. Stay conscious. Keep claiming and writing last week’s message: I AM RECEIVING. I AM RECEIVING NOW. I AM RECEIVING ALL THE LOVE THE UNIVERSE HAS FOR ME NOW.

Can’t wait for our next breakthrough!  Enjoy the rainbow gift from God/Us!

Blessings, Dee