You know the best part of all this amazing creation process journey?

Sometimes the magic just happens, and it all comes together, and everything you have been intending and choosing and creating….gets created.

That is what happened in this awesome movie experience that I am wrapping up this weekend.

As I was editing Creation Station, I happened to hear me say, I’d love to do a great Christmas movie.” I also have been proclaiming that I want a role that challenges me and my talent.

Boy, did I create that wrapped up in a big red bow, too. I also called in good, talented, kind, loving people to work with. If I had hand picked them myself, from producers through cast, to the director and cinematographer and company, I couldn’t have chosen better.

An incredibly honorable salary? Yep. Got that too.  In every scenario, the Universe answered my call. But I had to ask.

And what needs to be in alignment to ask? I know what I want. I am clear. I know I deserve it. I am in harmony with the love and feeling good about receiving it. I know I am ready and prepared. I accept this opportunity. That is what we refer to as ” being in alignment with what we are asking for.”

And the empowerment I have moved into because of this opportunity is gratifying beyond words.  I want you all to give yourselves the gifts of these moments. The moments when you ask for your own greatness to be revealed to you and experience the completion of it all. Then you know it works, and you can just keep creating!
Blessings, Dee
“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe