I went to two movies this past weekend. They were movies in franchises that I have followed and appreciated in the past: Jason Bourne and Star Trek. I was disappointed in both.

There were endless chases, car crashes, and killings. And it bored me. You know you are in trouble when action gets boring. You tune out. It’s overkill.

Where is the STORY, I kept asking myself. A thin thread of a plot does not a story make, and being an actress, I know how important the relationships shaped through strong dialogue are. The story makes us care: the chase doesn’t.

More and more we are being lured into a world where substance is being lost: a sound bite society where we all never are connected to any moments for long periods of time, and yet are like skipping stones, being thrown into a series of quick touchdowns, never to linger in the deliciousness of relationship with the world, our partners, our friends and our fellow dreamers.

It’s an interesting oxymoron that spiritually, we need to lose the story. Spiritually, we need to lose the car chase story of struggle and drama, and write a new story of relationships with self, others and the world. In life, the plan of full creation should be a fascinating, exciting creative expression that is easy to put into manifestation—without the car crashes.

It should be FUN. Not boring. Not mundane. But a delightful ride through Disneyland on an E ticket: exciting from the choice of the thrill we seek. And that fun creation is not the mundane, same old-same old every day. It’s an adventure, yes, but one we know we win. Loose the rules and live dangerously within your own creation.
This week, let’s have some FUN!! Choose something right now–right now in this moment–where you will create the experience of fun and allow that gift of expression to take you on a great ride of laughter. It is a marvelous creative tool, and we all need to embrace it more!

Blessings, Dee