Or, as I like to break it up … thanks for giving.


I love to give: my time, my money, my work, my love. Giving makes me, well, love myself more because I feel such a state of love for everyone else. Whenever I feel down, I get down on the floor with Freedom and love on her. And then I’m back, feeling the love for me, the world, all the opportunities available to me, the people who take care of me, the people I take care of, and, well, just the love for love! It’s a glorious state of gratitude that makes me happy to be alive.


I am grateful for love and its power in our creation process. I am grateful I can feel the love of gratitude, and the gratitude of love.


This week, every day, acknowledge something about YOURSELF and the WORLD that you love and are grateful for. Make it a habit every day. Count your blessings, and make yourself the first blessing of you.