What are you thankful for?

If the first answer wasn’t “myself,” I invite you to look again.

I Am thankful I live consciously.

I Am thankful I Am the Creation of Me.

I Am thankful I take responsibility for my life.

I Am thankful I am always expanding in my Knowing.

I Am thankful I consistently strive for balance, love and joy

When we truly love and appreciate ourselves for the Conscious Creators we are, we acknowledge our appreciation for ourselves and move into an even higher experience of our Greatness. That gives us more trust in ourselves and in the process, so we create more, and build up even more Knowing of our power.

This Thanksgiving, start your Gratitude Prayers with, “Thank you for me. Thank you that I have the desire to wake up and be more alive and involved in my own self creation. Thank you that I Am present and practicing love and joy. Thank you that I Am the Creation of Me.”  

And then add thanks for all the magnificent things you are creating and being blessed with, down to the simple, beautiful butterfly that just flew by you!



“I work very hard, and I play very hard. I’m grateful for life. I live it.I believe life loves the liver of it, and I live it.”   

-Maya Angelou      

“When we are thankful for ourselves, we are thanking the God we are. And we are reminded that we are the power, love, joy and choice. And that keeps our hearts open.” 

Dee Wallace