There is a lot of judgment in our faces right now. We are watching judgment being played out politically, racially, and economically. Everyone is feeling not only the right, but the righteous duty, to stand in judgment of everyone else. It is the belief that judgment must be made and in place to assure we get what we want…and THEY don’t.  It is an age old, antiquated, irresponsible and failing belief in the creation process: I have to focus on what I don’t want, stand in judgment of those “in my way,” and keep pointing out injustice so I can win. And you know what that exacerbates: non acceptance.

Without acceptance of what is going on, we cannot move into changing the focus onto what we want. We just start, and continue, to fight about what we don’t want and create more of it. If we don’t like police mistreating our African American population, what we want is respect for equality. We cannot take the steps to enhance that while we are fighting in the streets.

If we do not want a country of mistrust and fear from our candidates, what we want is a country led by someone who is powerful through love, trustworthy, honest and in integrity. We do not create that by bashing and lashing out at each other. We create it by focusing on a country that IS that.

We are all being challenged now with this brain resonance of the collective consciousness. If we are not living consciously, we get sucked in. It is our privilege and honor…and duty… to remain strong in what we know: we are creating it all. Right now. Right this moment.

This is our great opportunity right now: realize what is plugging you in, accept there are still frequencies of prior lifetime/this lifetime that you do not want within you, ACCEPT them without judgment, decide what you want, feeeeeel into the love and joy, and then stay focused. This is our destiny being played out right now. Embrace it.

Blessings, Dee