If the last few weeks have been beyond challenging for you, you’re in good company. Mine included. I teach these principles, live them, walk my talk. And the challenges that have loomed so large in these past few weeks have been daunting, even for me. So I wanted to bring you all some discernment and understanding around what is going on.

We have been gearing up for and focusing toward expansion into the new freedom of the new world. We know that comes with self-love and self-creation. To access It all, we must accept Being It All. And so we were finally given our latest statement: I Am the God Which Is.

That brought up some very deep seated fears around ego and blasphemy: fears that have become ours because of lifetimes of indoctrination by others to limit the power of who we really are.

Those fears of really claiming and BEING the God which is, had to be released. When you finally, totally commit to Who You Are, anything…ANYthing…that does not resonate (and which is not in alignment with that definition and direction) MUST bubble up to be redefined within your energy. Energy must follow your direction, so it stands to reason that when we finally direct all of us as an integrated whole to accept that I Am the God Which Is, the parts of us that have been fighting what that God wants must make themselves known, so we can release it, and define us as the integrated whole of Who We Are and What We Want.

To do this, we must:
1) Acknowledge what the turmoil is representing,
2) Do not resist the process, and
3) Keep focused and claiming who we are: I Am the God Which Is. United. Integrated. Powerful. And Pure Love.

Watch as the inharmonious energies rise up to leave. Bless them. Wash them in the light. Integrate the new harmonious energy back into the full alignment of You. It is an amazing time of rebirth. Hold on.

Blessings, Dee