I got up at four a.m. to get ready for my airport pickup last week. But before I dragged my body out of bed, I directed my day: today is a great day/today I attract wonderful, loving people who rush forward to assist me in having an easy, fun day. My flight arrives safely in Detroit. I Am the way, the truth, the light and the Life. I took this knowing into the shower, slapped on some make-up, and was in the car by 4:30.


We flew to the airport, and I dragged my three bags to the end of the porter line. Just then a Delta employee was passing by me, and I gave him a smile of hello. “Oh my God!” he exclaimed. “It’s you!” It was Frank, who had helped me in another more dramatic incidence years ago. “You come with me. I’ll check you in and walk you right through.”

I, of course, was deeply appreciative. I remembered my claim from the early morning, and thanked God and the Universe for hearing me. He walked me right to the front of security, and I hugged and thanked him.


As I was picking up my belongings, the woman behind me came and asked if I was OK. “Yes,” I said smiling, “why?” “Well … that man. That worker. He hugged you. I wouldn’t want anyone touching me like that.” “Actually ma’am,” I smiled, “I hugged him.” “Oh,” she said surprised. “Well, as long as you’re OK.” It didn’t escape me … the two opposite perspectives that were creating totally different life experiences. She saw the world through fear. I saw an angel I had called forth.


Wow. I choose my side. Be aware of your perspectives. They summon your experiences.



“Life is about perspective and how you look at it…ultimately you have to zoom out.”
-Whitney Wolfe Herd